A “Team” as defined is a group of individuals working together to achieve a common goal. This definition is not just limited to a sports team, it is pertinent to all professions. The key to success of any team is Neutral and Approachable Leadership, Team-First Attitude, Informed Allocation of Task and most essentially PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) within the members.

With relaxation in international policies and expanded horizons, businesses are evaluating possibilities of impacting lives globally more than ever. In this era of technological advancements across spectrum, no one wants to be left behind and thus globalization is finding its best implementation. A developing country like India has been one of the favourite destination of businesses for decades, thanks to its skilled and economic workforce, favourable government policies and world class infrastructure.

Businesses, especially from west have been reaping benefits through their offshore teams for quite some time now. India with its colossal population have been able to supply equivalent talented work force to companies at lesser overall cost reducing the reliability on local talent, mainly for software companies. So, apart from the aforesaid reason, why should businesses look at offshoring?

Given below are a few benefits of having an offshore team in India :

Cost Effectiveness of Offshore team:
Any strategic expansion decision for business would be depending upon the cost-benefit analysis. A city like Bangalore in India provides talented engineers in abundance, with a lesser comparative salary than a local in the west. Besides the salary, it is also the cost of recruiting talent, clubbed with fringe benefits in western countries, the cost of which relatively lower in India.

Uncompromised Quality of Output:
India has more than 1.5 million engineers graduating every year, with a good portion of it being employed by Fortune 500 MNCs across globe. Offshoring implies that the management remains centralised and goals unhindered, which assures the quality parameters and output. Besides, a new team will bring in insights and these ideas will help to improve the overall development of product by leveraging the innovation & creativity at each stage of the development cycle. Recruiting partner can help identify the talent, but hiring an employee is at the discretion of company’s management making it favourable to work with likeminded individuals.

Uninterrupted Delivery of Goals:
Offshore teams must operate with quality capability and functions towards a defined goal, making it easier for management to assess the output throughout. With an offshore team in India, a western company can leverage the time zone and have its delivery uninterrupted throughout. If you are worried about the issues that may arise at the end of your business day, offshoring can help you resolve the issues even before your next business day begins. It gives the company a competitive edge with their development and /or support team being available 24*7 at customers disposal.

Flexibility and Focus:
Upon finalisation of the offshore team the management can add or change any of the programmer or designer unlike outsourcing the work. This flexibility gives an organization total freedom to make their development process more transparent & hassle-free.
Besides, associating oneself with a dedicated offshore team, gives an advantage of sharing the responsibilities and manage the delivery on time. All one must do is coordinate with the Project Manager & adhere to timelines and achieve milestones. This shall help the company to focus on core competency without additional strain.

Benefits of Cultural Influence:
Country like India has been culturally diverse & influenced vastly by western culture in areas of work, entertainment, sports or lifestyle. Fact that it was once colonized by British, and some areas by France, embodies their values and culture making it easier for businesses to work together and efficiently.

Technology has provided with advantages of moving businesses across borders, yet in the end what matters is the experience, skills, communication and dedication, hence it is advised to hire an expert for identifying and setting up an offshore team which will enable execution of a perfect strategy.

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