Professional Employer Organization (PEO) & Employer Of Record (EOR) Services In India

InsourceIndia PEO/EOR service in India is committed to assist the employer from any country to successfully set up their business in India.

What is a Professional Employer Organization (PEO)?

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) is an excellent starting point for foreign small, medium & growing businesses to venture into India. PEO is a company that acts as a legal employer for the employee working for an entity not registered in India or is in another country while the employee works for his actual employer company (Client).

InsourceIndia takes care of services for HR, payroll, insurance, benefits, and risk management. InsourceIndia goes one additional step further than what generally PEO agencies offer, we provide extended services like leave management, recruiting, office infrastructure Service & HR management.

Best PEO Service Providers in India

Let our team take care of all the employment-related solutions in India such as payroll, benefits, compliance, taxes, and admin so, that you can focus on growing your business. InsourceIndia will help you every step of the way.

Complete Employee Lifecycle

From Onboarding, Development Retention, and Separation.

HR Solutions

Enable your footprints in India and get rid of hiring burdens.

Payroll Operations

360 Degree for employees starting from payroll to statutory related queries.

Expenses & Reimbursement

Hassle free HRIS platform to manage and track all your day to day activities and
designation wide approval system.

Employee Taxation

Save your employee from unrelated taxes and get support starting from tax calculation to form 16.

Health Care

Get the right medical coverage for employees and dependents to hike employee satisfaction.

Social Benefits & Administration

Finance and accounts expertise team will handle all social benefits administrations related to paper works and government payments.

Compliance Assistance & Assurance

We’ll work closely with you to notify you of regulatory updates and help you make changes when necessary.

Need-Based Hiring Solution

Hire the right talents which fit your corporate culture and needs.

Want to know how our India PEO can
support your expansion?

Why InsourceIndia Is the Best Choice for
PEO/EOR In India?

InsourceIndia is a pioneer in handling HR & Payroll operations with a combination of the latest technology & personal touch. We specialize in PEO/EOR in India, HR & Recruitment consulting services, and successfully serving clients globally.

Here’s how InsourceIndia can help

We onboard workforce for you in India & help begin your operations within days.

We ensure mandatory compliance of your staff as per Indian law.

We cover all employees under the group insurance policy.

We execute monthly payroll, compliances & taxation of your employees through our accredited professionals.

With no contractor risks, pass on the compliance burden to us.

Empower your teams with dedicated support.

A single-point-of-contact model in which an experienced team is in continuous communication with information & advice.

You also get access to our HRMS SaaS solution.

It is designed specifically for companies with a global workforce, especially when working in multiple countries with a low headcount.