About Insourceindia

InsourceIndia helps companies Build, Setup operations and Expand in India. All our clients are foreign entities who wish to capitalise on the tech talent or offer their product or service to the 1.3 billion Indian consumer market.

We are trusted by our global clients to address their challenges and help them find solutions. InsourceIndia is currently working with clients from different geographies with different engagement levels as one solution doesn’t fit all needs of a company. Clients can choose services needed depending on their strategy i.e. To build their development team, setup a captive via registration of the business or if they are already present in India and are looking to scale operations.

India is currently at #63 worldwide in ease of doing business and this is improving consistently. Though it has improved, it is still challenging for a foreign company to register a company and more importantly to get approval from RBI for FDI inflow into their bank account. The change in culture is another challenge which is very important to manage to get the team to perform at full potential.InsourceIndia wants to be the go-to company for India entry and is passionate about addressing the above and many other challenges that an overseas company might experience when expanding to India.



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