India’s Tech Brilliance: Why It’s the Best Investment for UK Businesses?

What could be today’s game-changing investment, akin to the impact of the internet in the late 90s? Jeff Bezos, the one who predicted the internet revolution with the most conviction, recommends focusing on India, he says – “I predict the 21st-century belongs to India”.
If you are a technology company, no investment should be as obvious to you as investing in India. One strategy that has gained immense popularity in recent years is establishing a tech team in India, even if your company is based in the UK. As India undergoes a radical and unprecedented transformation, the benefits of building a team in India are numerous – ranging from cost savings to access to a vast pool of skilled professionals. Trade between India and the UK is expected to double by 2030 driven by the proposed free trade pact, investment in technology, diversification of global supply chains, and ease of doing business.
In this eBook, we’ll explore the compelling reasons why, as a UK company, you should consider having a tech team in India.

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ebook - India's Tech Brilliance