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US Company’s Journey from China to India.


InsourceIndia’s comprehensive support empowered a US-based iPhone manufacturer to not only shift its operations from China to India but also initiate activities and collaborate with local suppliers without immediate entity registration.

This case study showcases how our services facilitated a smooth transition and market exploration for the client.

Client Introduction

Our client, a prominent US-based iPhone component manufacturer, sought to diversify its global operations by transitioning some of its production activities from China to India.

In a strategic move, they also aimed to engage with local suppliers and understand the Indian market before formal entity registration.

Problems & Hesitations

The client faced several complex challenges

Operations Shift

Sifting manufacturing from China to India involved intricate planning and precise execution.

Entity Registration

They hesitated to immediately register an entity in India due to concerns about compliance complexities and readiness.

Supplier Collaboration

The client needed to engage with Indian suppliers without the legal framework of a registered entity.


InsourceIndia incorporated its services to address these interconnected challenges:

Employer of Record (EOR) Services

We acted as the client’s EOR, enabling them to employ and manage a workforce in India, supporting the transition.

Supplier Collaboration

Our EOR services allowed the client to initiate production partnerships with Indian suppliers even before formal entity registration.

Market Entry Support

We provided the client with vital insights and assistance in navigating the Indian market, ensuring a smooth transition

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Results & Benefits

Our client’s strategic approach, supported by InsourceIndia,
yielded substantial benefits

Seamless Operations Shift

The client successfully transitioned manufacturing activities from China to India, maintaining operational efficiency.

Early Market Entry

They engaged with local suppliers and initiated production partnerships, gaining invaluable market experience and insights.

Reduced Compliance Risk

By partnering with InsourceIndia as their EOR, they navigated India’s complex regulatory landscape while staying fully compliant

Informed Entity Registration

Armed with profound market insights, the client is now in the process of registering their entity in India to become fully self-sufficient.


InsourceIndia’s adaptable solutions empowered our client to shift operations from China to India seamlessly while exploring local market opportunities. As they proceed with entity registration, we remain committed to supporting their journey towards full self-sufficiency in India.

For businesses considering cross-border operations and market exploration, InsourceIndia offers tailored solutions to help you transition and grow with confidence. Contact us today to discuss your expansion plans.

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